Soybean Product

soyabean-milk-1Soybean, a remarkable seed that has many versatile application due to its nutritional components of fats, protein and also carbohydrates.

The major application of soybean in food are:

  1. Soybean oil been used in oil and fats application,
  2. Protein been used as a nutritional benefits. In meat application, the protein been used as a meat binder
  3. The protein and carbohydrates been used as meat analogues.
  4. In many part of Asia, soybean milk that was extracted is widely used as a nutritional beverage.

Highlight of instant soybean milk powder
With the improvement of technology and equipment, the quality of soybean milk powder today is comparable to fresh liquid soya milk in terms of natural taste, colour and texture. The advantage of soybean milk in powder has many fold compare to fresh soybean. It is convenience, as the powder can be hydrated even at ambient temperature. It is cost saving to use, as there is minimal wastage compare to liquid.

Soyabean consumption has shown some scientific evidence that it can reduce cardiovascular disease and also potential to reduce breast cancer, if taken in the adolescence stage. Made from non-GMO soyabean, harvested in the exclusive area of Heilongjiang, China. A good alternative for people whom are milk lactose intolerance and also a healthy replacement to the non dairy creamer.

Soybean milkpowder :32%, 18% and 15% Protein Strong natural soyabean taste, instant solubility, natural colour and texture Beverage, convenience food Ready to drink and instant soyabean powder
Textured soya Protein Texture Meat Analogue Burger, sausages, nuggets and meat balls