hydrocolloids-1Hydrocolloids are derived from natural, non animal base ingredients. Suitable for vegetarian base formulation. A hydrocolloid is defined as a colloid system whereby, the colloid particles are hydrophilic polymers dispersed in water.

Each individual hydrocolloids has it own rheology behaviour and properties. Therefore, the selection of hydrocolloids to be used, depends on the understanding of these specific characteristic properties and also the processing condition it is been subjected to. Hydrocolloids provide solutions for thickening, stabilising and gelling function.

Pectin-High Methoxyl and Low Methoxyl Thickening, stabilising and gelling. Good flavour release for acidic product Jams Preparation, confectionery, beverage

a) Jams

b) pectin jelly

c) ready to drink fruit juice

Xanthan gum Stabilising & thickening. High acid stability. Good yield value provide stabilisation Beverage, convenience food

a) ready to drink and concentrate

b) sauces

Carrageenan Thickening, stabilising and gelling. Good flavour release for neutral acid product Dairy, water jelly

a) Chocolate milk & dessert

b) water gel and pudding

Sodium Alginate Heat stable & retort stable gelling Jelly dessert Heat stable jelly, eg grass jelly
Gellan gum Heat stable & retort stable gelling Confectionery & water jelly Heat stable confectionery & water jelly