Functional Dairy Protein

bel-logoFunctional Dairy Protein – FDP from Bel Industries, France. Bel Industries, from France, a global leader in functional dairy protein technology. A strong innovation leader in developing dairy protein to provide technical challenging solution to meet customer’s needs. With Research and Application centre base in Vendome, France, the heart of the dairy industries, provides tailor made application solution to customers.

Phywon, having a Development & Application Support team in Kuala Lumpur, serving the region together with Bel Industries, in developing solution to customers in the application of neutral dairy, acidified dairy beverage, stirred yoghurt, ice cream, confectionery, chocolate and bakery products.

Bel Industries product key function is to provide a replacement of skimmed milk powder (SMP) into various application: dairies, confectionery, bakeries and others. Objective is to improve on quality of finished product and cost solution at the same time. A challenge that Bel Industries functional dairy protein, is able to achieve.

Bel Industries FDP has the following properties thickening, solubility and taste, emulsion stability, gellation foaming & air phase stability

Belka YD series Improve texture, reduce sedimentation and cost Dairies – acid Drinking yoghurt
Belka YT series Improve texture, creaminess and cost Dairies – acid Stirred yoghurt
Belka SCM series Improve texture, creaminess and cost Dairies – acid & neutral Drinking yoghurt & neutral milk
Belka DL series Improve texture, stability and cost Dairies – neutral Sweetened creamer & condensed milk
Belka CB series Texture improvement Chocolate and bakery products Chocolate compound, biscuits and cakes.
Nollibel Series Improve texture,improved delayed meltdown and cost Dairies – ice cream Ice cream and ice confection
Bianbel Increase foaming properties Dairies, confectionery Sweetened creamer – improve foaming, egg white replacement for foaming