Functional Food

functional-food-2Functional food is a food ingredient that provides health benefits, beyond a normal basic healthy diet required for human nutrition.

These ingredients provides benefits for specific human health management.




Grape Seed Extract Antioxidant reduce free radicals. High ORAC value Free radicals damage cells, which is link to cancer, ageing, diabetic and other common disease Health food & Supplement Ready to drink beverage, powdered drink, hard capsules
Lecithin conjugated with plant Phytosterol Cholesterol reduction, Heart health High cholesterol is been link to cause cardiovascular disease Health food & Supplement Ready to drink beverage. Supplement in granules and tablets
Phosphatidyl Serine (PS) Stress control, brain & cognitive development and maintenance Stress management improve quality of life and productivity. Prevention of alzheimer’s disease through a healthy food habits Health food & Supplement Capsules or tablets
Herbal extract: curcumins, ginseng, gingko beloba, tribulus terrestries General health and ailments Natural foods provides natural healing and prevention of disease Health food & Supplement Herbal beverage, hard capsules
Fish Collagen Enhance skin beauty by nourishing the collagen in our connective tissues beneath our skin As our skin ages, it looses its elasticity, resulting in wrinkles Health food & Supplement Ready to drink beverage, powdered drink, tablets