flavours-1A product will not be complete without having a good aroma and taste. Due to processing condition, some of the flavour in the ingredients has been degraded. Flavour as an ingredient is been used to enhance back the natural taste of the food, which has been degraded during processing.

A careful selection of the suitable flavour is crucial to impart the right taste and to be able to sustain the processing condition.

We will be glad to share our knowledge with you, therefore to assist you on the right selection.

Fruit Flavours Fruity flavours Beverage, confectionery & water jelly Ready to drink, fruit cordial. Gummy jelly and chewy candy
Neutral flavours Chocolate, pandan and gula melaka Neutral beverage and powdered beverage Chocolate drink, malt and soya beverage
Yoghurt Yoghurt flavour Confectionery, dairies, beverage and water jelly Gummy jelly, yoghurt, yoghurt drink, pudding jelly