Water Jelly

water-jelly-3A popular dessert for all ages with its appealing appearances and ease to consume. This include the conventional water jelly, pudding, drinking jelly and also crystal jelly.

Each of the above product has its specific texture, production condition and also challenges. Most manufacturer prefer to have their own specific texture and presentation of finished product in order to have their unique product and adaptation to their production equipment. We understand these requirement and we strive to develop a tailor made product to suits their needs.

We work together with our customer in finding the suitable ingredients to meet their needs in producing water jelly.


We transform ingredient into quality food by having a Development & Application Support (DAS) team, dedicated to provide technical solutions and innovation ideas to our customers.
PHYWON approach to the industries involve the expertise of application by having the holistic approach of all individual ingredients, their interaction with each other during processing, as well as the cost impact to the final product.
Water Jelly Type Water Jelly Pudding Jelly Drinking Jelly Heat Stable Jelly
Functional Blends
Gelatine Bovine Halal
Functional Dairy Protein
Cocoa Powder Replacer
Soybean Product
Functional Food
Fruit Jam & Glaze