Health Food & Supplement

Health-Food&SupplementThe health food industry, is one of the category within the food industry that is experiencing fast growth in recent years. Generally, the health benefits ingredients are included into the processed food or food been fortified with health related additives.

Consumer are increasing their awareness of their own health due to more health education and also the rising cost of medical treatment. Prevention becomes the trend to reduce the risk of health problems and to maintain a healthier life style.

Health food are an emerging field in food industries due to their increasing popularity with health conscious consumers and the ability to attractive the interest of marketing oriented companies to increase the demand of their products.

Health Food contains biologically-active compounds, when added in sufficient quantitative and qualitative amounts, can provides a clinically proven and documented health benefit.

Supplement is an ingredient intended to supplement the diet and provide nutrient that may be missing or may not be consume in sufficient quantity in a person’s diet.

We transform ingredient into quality food by having a Development & Application Support (DAS) team, dedicated to provide technical solutions and innovation ideas to our customers.
PHYWON approach to the industries involve the expertise of application by having the holistic approach of all individual ingredients, their interaction with each other during processing, as well as the cost impact to the final product.
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