Convenience Food

convenience-foodWith today busy lifestyle, a convenience food concept, with pre-prepared food designed for ready to eat, shelfed stable products or frozen food with minimal preparation.

Food been prepared must taste good, appealing to consumer and able to keep the shelf life stability as promised in the packaging. Therefore, the selection of ingredients must able to meet the production condition requirement and also the shelf life stability. In addition, consumers today are looking for food which will provide nutritional benefits. Therefore, the convenience food category becomes one of the fastest growing food segment due to the changes of people’s lifestyle. The opportunity of this segment for food manufacturer is huge as well as challenging, due to the consumer’s high demand.

We work together with our customer in finding out the suitable ingredients to be used in the confectionery.


We transform ingredient into quality food by having a Development & Application Support (DAS) team, dedicated to provide technical solutions and innovation ideas to our customers.
PHYWON approach to the industries involve the expertise of application by having the holistic approach of all individual ingredients, their interaction with each other during processing, as well as the cost impact to the final product.
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