BeverageBeverage is an important part of every country’s food culture. Each country has its own preference of beverage, therefore, making it a unique identity.

We strive to understand these differences, in order to provide the tailored solution to meet these unique preferences and needs.

However, some common traits remains, like good texture, homogenous mix, stability of the product and shelf life stable.

We work together with our customers to find the suitable ingredients and solution to meet their needs.



We transform ingredient into quality food by having a Development & Application Support (DAS) team, dedicated to provide technical solutions and innovation ideas to our customers.
PHYWON approach to the industries involve the expertise of application by having the holistic approach of all individual ingredients, their interaction with each other during processing, as well as the cost impact to the final product.

Beverage Type Fruit juice ready to drink Neutral beverage – soya, chocolate, malt Tea, coffee, Herbal drink Fruit juice concentrate Health functional drink, sports
Functional Blends
Gelatine Bovine Halal
Functional Dairy Protein
Cocoa Powder Replacer
Soybean Product
Functional Food
Fruit Jam & Glaze