Baked Products

Bakery-biscuitBaked products includes bread, buns, cakes, pastries, biscuits, cookies, tarts, whereby these products are cooked via prolong dry heat in an oven. The dry and intense heat, changes the structure of the starches. The degradation of the starches developed into a browning effects, basically causes by Maillard reaction, therefore, given an appealing colour and also flavour.

Meanwhile, in the case of breads and bun, we need to keep a certain amount of moisture inside the product to avoid the baked goods to become too dry. As for the tarts, we need to keep the fruits on the surface to remains moist and fresh.

We work with our customer to achieve their desired quality of texture, good volume, biting texture and fresh keeping qualities. Meanwhile, you need to produce consistence products with an effective cost.

We transform ingredient into quality food by having a Development & Application Support (DAS) team, dedicated to provide technical solutions and innovation ideas to our customers.
PHYWON approach to the industries involve the expertise of application by having the holistic approach of all individual ingredients, their interaction with each other during processing, as well as the cost impact to the final product.
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